The School loves Brisbane (and Brisbane loves The School!)

Last week, I wrote about my excitement to be attending some classes at The School, a roadshow of classes and events organised by Megan Morton and her team.

Perhaps excited is a bit of an understatement.., I had everything ready the night before and then, in my pre-class bubble, I gave my child a lemon for morning tea! I was clearly under the influence of what I was yet to experience.

Being greeted by “Hi, I’m Megan” at the class completely calmed me down and I was ready to take on anything after such a warm welcome by the hostess herself and offsider Sophie.

Megan spoke briefly and imparted some wisdom that really resonated with me and from then on, little pennies dropped into place in my brain. I soaked up some fantastic tips and shared one on one time with amazing photographer Brooke Holm, everything she said made perfect sense to me and felt completely right.

I drove off in a haze of wonder, thinking just clearly enough to negotiate the traffic before heading back for round two later that night, some ‘Vignetting” with the beautiful/amazing/wonderful/talented/refreshing/effervescent, Kara Rosenlund.

This little class was just as wonderful as my morning class, but for many different reasons. It gave me the inspirational injection I needed to rekindle the love I had lost for this type of styling (I was once a Visual Merchandiser) and watching Kara weave her styling magic, with her offsider/husband/DJ/all round nice guy Timothy O, was pure perfection.

Being surrounded by many other women (and one token male!) creating their own magic in the beautiful studio of photographer Toby Scott was the perfect setting and being able to meet some other Instagram people was great too! Saturday afternoon held even more excitement with an ‘Instameet and Book swap’ which was loads of fun and laughs, all while raising money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

I’m so happy that I invested some time in myself to partake in The School, it was an inspiring and mind blowing few days that I learnt so much from. It was more than I hoped it would be and I am so grateful to the teachers for sharing themselves, their talents and stories so freely.

I shall resume regular Brisbane home blogging shortly! There’s a couple of crackers coming your way…!


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