Real e-stalking – Alderley sub-station conversion

I’ve got a mental list of the types of homes I’d like to own/renovate/live in during my life time. It’s a long and eclectic list, which I may have to start narrowing down, or at least change to ‘places I’d like to stay on holidays’….., That seems a little more achievable, given we are still living in ‘casa numero uno’.

A sub-station/fire station/old church/warehouse is on that list. One of my dreams is that I would really like to convert a formerly uninhabited or unused building, into a home.

I would have passed this sub-station at Alderley a bazillion times in my childhood, prior to my full blown obsession with unique and unusual homes commencing in the late 90’s. Only then, were my eyes truly opened to the wide world of interiors, thanks to an issue of ‘Vogue Apartment’ and images of warehouse conversions and cleverly designed abodes filling its pages and my mind with ideas.

I love the overall concept of this conversion and the way an empty shell has been transformed. I just love the exposed brick, though looking closer and pretending it is mine, there is lots I would change about the other interior finishes, as it feels a little ‘busy’ on my eyes.

Knowing that it is on a main road makes me feel like it should be more visually soothing. But as I’m just going by photos, who knows what it really feels like, other than the people who live inside?

The outdoor spaces though, have me completely sold. They are stunning and I’m sure, would provide a bit of respite from the madness of the world beyond the fence. The owners, or soon to be new owners, are fortunate to have this space, as many converted properties have no allowances for outdoor areas. Those of you who know Brisbane and Queensland climates would agree, the outdoor room pretty much goes hand in hand with our lifestyle.

Take a look for yourself and let me know in the comments what you think!

All images from the real estate listing.






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