Creative Brisbane: Workshops with Studio Exsto

I know.., I know.., I have been on a big break!

It wasn’t completely planned…., the inter webs made me do it!!  But I have to thank them because I have had a lovely break and am back with gusto!

No, this is not a home tour, but more of a ‘Brisbane Creative Community Service Announcement’ and something I am hoping to do more of in the future!

Creative Brisbane: Workshops with Studio Exsto

The lovely Elle Roberts of Studio Exsto is a Townsville based business coach who loves working with creative and small businesses.

Rewind a few years ago when I was trying to get the idea for this site out of my head and online, I was blessed with the good fortune of winning a ticket to the Artful Business Conference, an event organised and hosted by Elle.

I came away from it with so much knowledge, enthusiasm and information – I felt completely prepared to take this big leap into doing something that I wanted to do, but previously had no idea how.

Elle is a powerhouse, but not in a pushy way.  She is an honest, open, down to earth (in that uniquely Queensland way) little dynamo and when it comes to business and her passion is clearly evident in all that she does.

Elle will be in Brisbane soon, doing some work shops and an ‘Inspired Breakfast’ chat so if you are interested in learning some more to help you in your business life, pop over to the Studio Exsto website and take a look.

Elle Roberts from Studio Exsto (Photo from Studio Exsto)
Elle Roberts from Studio Exsto (Photo from Studio Exsto)

This is not a sponsored post, this is simply me, sharing the creative community love and hoping someone will get themselves on a path towards creative freedom.

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