What’s been happening at WATH HQ?

Those of you who follow along on Instagram would’ve seen this sign a while back…

Walk Among The Homes. Photo - Elizabeth Santillan
Walk Among The Homes. Photo – Elizabeth Santillan

After a long search for something ‘different’ and exploring all sorts of options like apartment and townhouse living, contemplating block splits and extreme renovations, a link to a real estate listing appeared via a Facebook group of fellow home loving tragics (aka my kind of people).

I knew pretty quickly that this home really had the potential to be ‘the one’ and was straight on the phone to the agent to arrange a viewing.  The listing indicated links to an excellent architectural pedigree, piquing my interest even further and prompting a frenzy of google searches, research and correspondence with my trusted Modernist ‘Advisors’.

As the stars aligned, contracts were signed, the old house was cleaned and tidy within an inch of its life, photos were taken and everything became real – fast!

Then it felt as if time stopped for a while.  Despite having a contract on our old house within days, the following weeks of waiting were extremely stressful and consumed by constant phone calls, emails and all those fiddly little (important) things that are necessary in order to buy and sell a house at the same time!  After what felt like the longest three months of my life, I had the keys to the new home in my hands (and a bottle of Champagne) and life started again.

I have not looked back since that moment.

Walk Among The Homes. Photo - Elizabeth Santillan
Walk Among The Homes. Photo – Elizabeth Santillan

Settling in to the house was easy, it’s got a good feeling about it.  I can’t fathom how the weeks have passed because I feel as if I have lived here for a very long time.  I love the weekends when I can see the light at different times of the day, or if the possums have woken me at 4am and I can’t sleep, I’ll wander around and gaze out of the windows, taking in the view and appreciating the thought that went into designing a home like this.

Being the person I am, I always see areas for improvement.  Despite this, I was more than happy to just unpack and get a feeling for this home.  My aim is to tread lightly on this home, restore and retain it’s modernist aesthetic and not make any fundamental changes.  Naïvely, I would say the house only really needs a whole lot of love and attention, a new kitchen and bathroom and some (tonnes) gardening to make it truly shine.

It’s a hugely daunting task and I hope I can do it justice and respect the work of the original Architect.  I will endeavour to keep you updated with my progress along the way.

I hope you will enjoy this new home with me!

Walk Among The Homes. Photo - Elizabeth Santillan
An original sign from the Hayes and Scott office at South Brisbane, lovingly gifted to me from Cloud Dwellers Architects. Walk Among The Homes. Photo – Elizabeth Santillan


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