Reflecting on Walk Among The Homes

The New Year is a great time of year for reflection.

As I lay awake in the middle of the night, after dreaming about design of some sort, I started drafting this post in my head.  I had to get up and blurt it out before the sun rose and my thoughts disappeared in the day.

Feeling a bit metaphorical, I was thinking that it seems as if this site moved in circles this past year.  The image I have in my head is circles on a body of water, like a lake, all with their distinctive patterns, rippling and shimmering away. I’m taking that to mean each home, studio or shop I visited has been so different and unique, but its all been part of a bigger picture – the lake, which I guess signifies this website.

Are you still with me?

Every home I have visited and the people in it, has been fascinating to me.  Every event I attended where I met and chatted to amazing and inspiring people, every comment or ‘like’ on Instagram has all had a ripple effect on me.  It’s been part of something bigger than what I can comprehend at this early hour of the morning!

Rather than following any ‘rules of successful blogging’ or adhering to scheduled and  sponsored posts that aren’t quite ‘me’,  I have tried to let things flow as naturally as possible.  This may have led to some gaps along the way, but it has truly reflected me and how my life was in 2014.

It’s been a year of ebbs and flows and though somewhat stagnant in parts, I’ve worked more than ever, both in my day job and here, met new challenges like working for Houzz, dealt with plagiarizers, photo thieves and had technically enforced and creatively required breaks.  All this while learning how to parent a school aged child (still waiting on the manual for that one) and trying to be a good human/wife/friend/sibling/daughter.

It’s been my own unique, messy, creative adventure and I’m grateful you have come along for the ride.

Thank you to all of the wonderful home owners who have opened their doors to me, it would not be possible to share these unique and beautiful Brisbane homes without YOU!

New things are in the planning stages for 2015, so please hang around for some more Walk Among The Homes, sign up to the mailing list or join me on Instagram or Facebook for updates.

This year, my focus is to navigate out of the lake, towards the river, as best as I can.

Brisbane homes 2014 - Photos by Elizabeth Santillan
Brisbane homes 2014 – Photos by Elizabeth Santillan

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