Real e-stalking – Wavell Heights

I love houses. Looking at them, dreaming up what I would change about the floor plan and the colour schemes, adding this, subtracting that, making it (in my head) more liveable, injecting love and bringing it back to life.

I love homes. Looking into them, seeing how people live and the love they put into their abode to make it a home. The cosy and comfortable spots you can imagine relaxing in and the feeling that you want to live there.

There is an outstanding difference between the two, I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s lucky for me that websites like exist to feed my desires for all things house and home.

That’s where real e-stalking comes in…

This home caught my eye on the first trip to inspect our place, and boy…, was I surprised. It’s set amongst modest, low-set, 1950’s era brick houses and it really does stand out, but I’ve learned to like its boldness and have always loved it’s splash of red on the facade!

It was listed on the market sometime last year and the moment I saw that ‘For Sale’ sign, I made a bee line to the computer (now I have the app, I would pull over and check it in such emergencies).

I presume that given property prices over the last 12 months or more, there was no sale and it’s listed again. Lucky for us, we can all take a peek…







You can see this home has a personality, it’s got guts and is certainly not shy! For a modern home, it has loads of layers and stories to tell around each corner, thanks to the decor. It was clearly designed for Queensland living with the expanse of glass doors and the pool area facing east, perfect for the morning sun and catching sea breezes. The louvres suit our climate perfectly, allowing for some cross ventilation on a summer day. It’s a great example of a modern Brisbane home utilising thoughtful architecture.

Like any home, it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea – I’d be happy with the pool alone…, what are your thoughts?

You can view the full listing here.
(All images in this post are from the listing and are not my photographs)

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