Real e-stalking – Balmoral water reservoir

I think this house certainly fits the bill of what I was wanting to achieve with this blog. A unique Brisbane home.

Now I know, it is not entirely realistic to think that we can all live in an unused reservoir, or that we all want to live in a reservoir for that matter, this is something that we don’t see every day and I thought the blog would be a great platform to share such a truly unique and inspiring Brisbane home. I love houses that are out of the ordinary, and this one is most definitely not ordinary in any sense.

I was really excited to take a sneak peek into this amazingly unique abode. I recall seeing in in print years ago, possibly when it was first reconfigured into a home and haven’t seen much on it since – until now.

I’m hoping the new owners will have me come and do a tour for you, I’d really love to see what this home feels like, but until then, we can all gaze via the wonder that is online real estate listings, or real e-stalking, as its affectionately known.

You can view the listing here and some more snazzy architectural shots here.

So, the question begs…, would you love to live here?? The views are pretty spectacular!






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