Decisions, decisions…, sell, rent, buy or stay?

For the past few months, we have been toying with the idea of moving house.  It’s not an easy decision and there are so many factors to consider.

So, trying to be my most mature and grown up self, I have been doing a little research to help make a well informed decision.

Decisions, decisions…, sell, rent, buy or stay?

I have always been interested in property.  I religiously read the real estate section of the local paper as a teenager and I have vivid memories of visiting display homes with my parents.  These days, I am constantly on line looking at real estate listings and I often share some pearlers on my Facebook page.

In our 20’s, we had saved a decent house deposit and were in the market for an inner-city apartment.  After house hunting for some time and missing out on a couple of places at auctions, we got itchy feet and decided to buy a one way ticket to London.  There, we had the best two years of our life, living, working, partying in an amazing city and travelling Europe on long weekends and holidays.

Fortunately, we had great jobs and managed to keep our savings in check.  But when we returned home, house prices had doubled!!  After a year of renting, we started house hunting again and in no time, we purchased something from the ‘renovators delight’ basket and quickly set about turning it into a home.


Is my Husband ready for another renovation?
Is my Husband ready for another renovation?  This was our kitchen in January of 2008, boiling hot in a boiler suit.


Fast forward to now, 7 years later, the house has been transformed into a wonderful home and the itch is well and truly requiring a scratch!!

I am continually looking at houses online and last weeks news of interest rates dropping again really got me thinking, is now the time to make a move?

We have been researching, talking to a trusted real estate agent, a financial advisor and some property savvy friends, but the answer is not yet crystal clear to me.

There are so many options to weigh up – do we sell and rent while searching for a new home, buy a new house before selling this one, rent our current home and purchase a new one, or do we stay put a bit longer and just enjoy living in this cosy home we created?

Do you have any tips for me?  How was your experience with the buying and selling process?  I’d love to hear from you.

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