Brisbane open house with a twist

I’ve never been one to care much for run of the mill, off the shelf or bog standard when it comes to… well, anything!  Maybe this comes from being the youngest in the family and always trying to be get my parents attention,  I’m not sure!?

I’ve just always liked things that are a bit out of the ordinary, unique and unusual.

That’s why I was so, so excited to read about the experiment, I guess you could call it, of this creative Brisbane duo, Wolf & Sparrow.  An open house is nothing new, but add a pop up gallery – with everything for sale to it and you have a touch of creative genius.  This husband and wife team have really excelled in delivering a unique concept and utterly gorgeous home in Camp Hill, Brisbane’s inner south.

The interiors are sublime, sleek and thoroughly modern.  I love how the use of natural finishes like spotted gum, travertine and calcutta marble gives the home such warmth and add visual layers that are just delicious!  The furnishings are mostly from Brisbane based designers and makers and really showcase some of the wonderful, talented creatives that call Brisbane home.

The exterior of the home is what really takes the cake for me.  The original farmhouse shines in all its ‘vivid white’ glory, whilst the contemporary additions are bold and fearless, not afraid to show themselves off!  I love seeing a mix of old and new, and especially so when it is done so beautifully as it is here.

The design has clearly been based around our Queensland climate, with clever use of louvres, large glass doors and windows, allowing natural light and ventilation while blurring the lines between indoors and out.

I wish I could have seen this home in person, but just couldn’t get there when it was open!  It’s great to see the home has sold and kudos to the owners/designers/creative minds behind this project, a job well done!

So unique, amazingly thoughtful and just so darn refreshing to see!  I wonder what is next for this creative duo and if this home will prompt a little turn around in Brisbane real estate… time will tell!


Photos from Wolf & Sparrow and real estate listing.


















Photos from Wolf & Sparrow and real estate listing.



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