‘AIA House Of The Year’ won by a Brisbane home

A few weeks ago, the AIA (Australian Institute of Architects) House of the Year for 2013 was awarded to a suburban Brisbane home.

Designed by James Russell, the Bisley Place home first caught my eye in Real Living magazine a while back and I was so surprised (and excited) to read that it was in Wakerley, about 15 km east of the CBD. It’s not often that suburban Brisbane homes get national magazine spreads!

This award is a fantastic accolade for a Brisbane home, especially one that pushes the envelope so well in its overtly suburban setting, inviting the street in and still providing privacy if required. I’d love to know how it feels to live in this home in the summer, it must be amazing!

Take a look through the home on this episode of Dream Build and more photos on the James Russell Architect website. It’s even got an attic, how cool.

Photo by Toby Scott

Another worthy Brisbane winner was Atelier Chen Hung’s great little backyard building/studio/granny flat in Keperra. Simple and sleek, this abode is perfectly formed to provide additional detached space for the main home that sits in the block.

I’d like a small one of these in my backyard please, Clever Husband (hint, hint!).

Take a further look at it here.

Photo by Alicia Taylor

There is an array of stunning, award winning architecture here if you’d like to see more.

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