A sparkling East Brisbane gem

One fine day, in my Insta-ramblings (exploring Instagram), I stumbled upon a beautiful series of images showing fabrics, paintings, blue and white china – a few of my favourite things. I instantly ‘followed’ and began exploring….

Further along in my wandering, I discovered the owner of these lovely images was also based in Brisbane, had a blog AND a lovely home, by the looks of it! A few emails and a chance meeting at ‘Vignette School’ and I was ensconced in the world that is My Pink Door.

Let’s take a look inside…

The front entry is private, set back from the street and houses a verandah that wraps around two sides, providing a choice of both shady and sun-drenched spots to while away the time.



From the pink door and beyond, Jenny’s home is an array of bright colour pops, intriguing furnishings and cosy nooks beckoning you to put your feet up.


Once you enter the home, the original features are on full display and the hallway, being a little wider than normal, has a gallery-like feeling and is used perfectly for this purpose, displaying gorgeous artworks and antiquities here and there.


The bedrooms are divine, with carpets in red and dark pink (stunning! but not in shot, sorry!!) and d├ęcor that is so unusual and beautiful, plump cushions, fabrics and artworks all meld into these spaces, providing such beautiful and comfy looking rooms!



In the sun-drenched lounge are more of Jenny’s signature pink and turquoise furnishings (more gorgeous cushions!) with little vignettes dotted around the place, to tickle and treat your eyes.



The kitchen and dining area, with chequered flooring and more stunning decor, opens off to a large deck, allowing the light in through French doors and coloured glass windows.





Its no surprise to see that a talented and creative woman has decorated this entire home in these gorgeous tones and furnishings and its great to know that the men of the house have embraced it as well.

Who wouldn’t love to live in such a welcoming and beautiful home?

Jenny is a brilliant artist, her paintings are so stunning and so beautiful, make sure you seek out her blog My Pink Door and also her Instagram (@mypinkdoor) if you are interested in her art.

I also found this old post on Made By Girl, showing Jenny’s home three years ago. It was great to see all of the changes and layers that have developed in her abode over this time.

Gorgeous homes don’t just happen, they evolve and grow with us and our lives.

(One of the most used rooms in the house and one of the most beautiful!!)

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